Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a perfect HIM.

a guy who..

  • stand out in the rain with me.
  • cook with, or for me.
  • let me sing along to the radio.
  • keep surprising me.
  • watch movies with me on lazy days.
  • remember the little things.
  • help me face my fears.
  • start play - fights with me - with water, food, pillows or anything.
  • write me - post it love letters.
  • always say whats on his mind.
  • let me wear his clothes.
  • shut me up with kisses.
  • call me things like darling, not babe.
  • hug me and say, "No, you're not" when i say i'm fine.
  • treat me, sometimes like a child.
  • treat me, sometimes like an adult.
  • love me back.

nothing else to say.. :)


  1. let me tell u the truth.

    Your perfect someone is who can guide u along the true path to the heaven by accepting your trueself. Looking at you for who you are and so do you. :)