Sunday, October 9, 2011


ohmy! i dont know whether i should go or not. its not that i dont want to go. i REALLY want to meet them. the jengka people. jengkarians. i miss them. but with this problem?i dont think i can go. im so sorry guys. i really want to meet uolls. seriously. imysm!

and of course, my bff will be soo upset. maybe mad at me. tak nak kwn aku dah nnt. pleasseeee no! pls understand me. i'll go if i have enough money :(

i'm sooooo sorry guys :(


ade org yg baik hati nak sponsor sy? :D

thats news will absolutely cheer me up! :)

klu ade text2 la yek. jasamu dikenang!

haaa rase cam bole buat vote plak kan?klu korang terer, tick la mane2 kotak kat atas ni yek ;)
i'll appreciate it! thanx!

till then,
much <3

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