Monday, May 16, 2011

block urself

block block block!
bkn blog nih. tp block tau. sile jgn konfius dgn statement di atas.
jgn biarkan. bahaye. dangerous tau?
klu ahmad nabil ahmad xpe.
klu fahrin ahmad xpe.
klu awal ashaari pon xpe. scha x mara punye. hee
klu remy ishak lg la xde sape kesah sbb die ganas! hehe
aaron aziz?okay je jgk. wife die phm. ;p
SRK?awww he's the best ever.
never make me feel horrible.
just like now :)

so ppl,
think before u take action.
i regret for what happened that day.
its not because i hate.
its because its wrong. totally wrong.
i shouldnt go. never.

its all fate. so i accept it.
its nice to have conversation with u.
thanx again :)

much love :)