Wednesday, May 18, 2011


haishh. what am i suppose to do?
medic in indonesia. yeah. indon.
medic is something REALLY times 10 tough for me guys.
its just not my food.
but, its my chance to try.
but should i try?
i shouldnt go bcoz i have no heart for it.
but..still but?
enough la cik aida. haihh.

this monday.
at cancelor's building, 4th floor.
10 am.

if my dad tau mst die gelakkan kan kan?
i nak apply dentist pon die gelak.
inikan medic?
mst die gelak golek2 cm industan tu kan. ;p
i'm very sure. sory dad :)

my mum?x crite lg la.
dunno nak stat dr mane.
coz mmg dr awal i da ckp i xde nawaitu pon nak amek medic nih.
nmpk cm my mum keciwa aje.
but who knows inside her heart kan.
x pena lg la i korek dlm2. x brani woo. hee

my sis n my abg,
of coz la dorg xtau jgk.
hmmm what to do?...

cik cahaya mata kate maybe nak g. tp xtau nak dok mane plak.
klu sy gi?dok uma my dad la kot.
bole die antakan skali. hehehe
brangan! minat medic pon x.
ade ati nak gi jgk?da la cik aida. enough! :D

we'll see first la okay.
mls nak srabut2 sgt pk.

just go with the flow~

much love :)

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